Long gone are the days of begging your pal to send you Rihanna's "Umbrella" for your Motorola Razr. The days of flipping your phone a la Sharpay Evans after a phone call to see which room you were in for math class. Oh and the days of playing Snake for eleven days straight without once reaching for the charger are gone and buried.

Now we can do a whole host of fancy-shmancy things with a cellular. From finding out what our second cousin's girlfriend's best friend's sister wore on her vacation to Mallorca in 2015 (#guilty) to taking a selfie with a reality TV star we met in the grocery story that one time — it's fair to say we rely on our phones QUITE. A. BIT.

We even read a book on our phones once.

So treat the following like a pretend quiz. Nod your head at every point that screams "YES, THAT'S SO ME, HOW DO YOU KNOW ME SO WELL, STOP RIFLING THROUGH MY TRASH."

QUIZ TIME: Are you obsessed with your phone?

kuwtk phone

1) Taking your phone with you to the bathroom (in case, someone takes 2849302 selfies with the front camera when you're gone, right?)

2) Sobbing/wailing/breaking down in agony when you left your phone on the bus

3) Running out of internet data more than you run out of almond milk

4) Knowing all your crushes' family by name/birthday/preferred filter, from unrelentless stalking on Instagram

5) Stopping your bestie from starting their meal, so you could get the perfect food shot for Insta

6) Refreshing Twitter every 30 seconds willing people to do something! Someone post something interesting?! Hello!! God, so selfish

7) Spending your morning commute listening to music/posting memes in your many WhatsApp groups

8) The last guy that chatted you up was Siri

9) If Google Maps hadn't been invented, you would still be on your way home from your best friend's BBQ from last August

If you have been nodding along to more than 4 of the above, you probably are using your phone a teeny bit too much.

The folks at Grazia HQ, who have done a proper study into phone usage and how it's affected us all. Here is some cold hard facts.

When it comes to mental health and wellbeing, a third of women said that social media affects her body image, 26% say it has a negative effect on anxiety and one in four say it has a negative impact on their self-esteem and mental health.

Meanwhile, our relationships are suffering too. Half of women surveyed were worried about how technology has repercussions on family life and 68% agreed with the statement: "Phones now ruin what would once have been quality time with friends/family." Ouch. Maybe time to visit your grandparents and watch Riverdale with your friends.

Social lives are being affected too: 83% are annoyed when phones are used during a meal out and 64% admitting to being infuriated when phones are used during a night out.


The Editor of Grazia Natasha Pearlman said: “Advances in technology have given us huge benefits and transformed our lives and careers. However, this survey reveals we’ve reached a tipping point. Where technology once liberated us, now we feel we’re slaves or negatively addicted to it."

"I was astounded at quite how much our mobile use affects our mental health, and increases anxiety – and the huge number of women who say phones ruin quality time with friends and family. It’s why we have scoured the globe to bring our readers different ways to disconnect in our special Unplugged Issue.”

The Grazia Unplugged issue, on sale in the UK now, is encouraging readers to lay electronic devices aside and rediscover the joy of scroll-free suppers, call-free conversations and textless time-outs.

This post was written by Aimee Jakes. It originally appeared on our sister site, HeatWorld.

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