There is no better feeling than watching a music video from your favorite artist and noticing easter eggs or references from a popular movie. Okay, maybe that’s a bit too niche, but we promise it’s a lot more common than you think!

In recent years, pop stars have been paying homage to classic films through their music videos. From Ariana Grande to TWICE, see which singers have drawn inspiration from the big screen. 

One of the most recognizable examples was done by Iggy Azalea.

Just 10 years ago, the Australian artist dropped her hit single “Fancy,” which dominated the charts at the time. To go with her song, the rapper recreated scenes from the movie Clueless for her music visuals.

In the video, that has now garnered over 1 billion views, Iggy dressed up as Cher — wearing the iconic yellow plaid skirt set. The then 24-year-old did modernize some of the technology of course.

In the opening scene, Iggy is seen getting ready for school in every girl’s dream closet. In the original film, Cher used a remote control to search through her wardrobe, and instead, Iggy opts for an app on her iPad to find her matching look.

The following shot is a perfect replica that depicts the debate scene between Cher and Amber in the 1995 movie. Iggy and her counterpart stand at podiums in the front of the class, but instead of giving a speech, Iggy performs her song.

Another fun scene that was recreated in the music video was the highway incident! In case you need a refresher, Dionne, Murray and Cher were totally freaking out about getting on the highway during a driving lesson — and of course Iggy nailed the shot.

Iggy isn’t the only star that’s paid her respect to a great film! Who can forget when Ariana remade Mean Girls in her video for “thank u, next”? Or when TWICE referenced not one, not two — but eight films in the MV for “What Is Love?” Keep reading to see which other artists have shouted out their favorite movies. 

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