Pride month – the month that celebrates the LGBTQ community – is in full swing. June has always been the month that we honor our LGBTQ friends because it is when the Stonewall riots took place in Manhattan in 1969. That event was really the turning point for the Gay Liberation Movement. It is in June that we reflect on the history of gay rights with parades, picnics, memorials, tributes, concerts and of course, love.

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In light of Pride, the editors here at J-14 decided to gather the stories of your favorite celebrities speaking about why they decided to come clean about their sexuality. Their words are inspiring and we can't help but applaud them in sharing what is assumed to be a very difficult time in their lives.

They are all courageous, brave and motivating. With their stories, they have shown their fans and the world that it is okay to be who you are. It's this idea that no one should have to hide because showing your true colors is really what life is about.

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Everyone from Sam Smith to Troye Sivan to Raven to Ingrid Nilsen has a story. Their stories are all real, raw and very emotional. And, of course, Pride month is the perfect time to celebrate their journeys and exactly why they decided to come out when they did!

Click through the gallery and check out why these celebrities came clean about their sexuality.

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