It’s been over a decade since Prom was released in theatres, and we can’t get over it! The movie told the tale of high schoolers prepping for their school’s prom and premiered on December 2, 2011.

In Prom, Aimee Teegarden plays Nova, an overachieving and passionate student who seems to be functioning as a one-woman prom committee. You might recognize Aimee from her roles in Friday Night LightsStar CrossedGuest House and Scream 4.

“The big thing about Nova is that there’s such a drive with her,” Aimee told Spinning Platters in December 2011. “We all knew that girl who was cute and driven and had college on the mind and tried to be friends with everybody. But over the movie, you pull back the layers and realize she doesn’t really know what she stands for or why she stands for it. She kinda misjudges everyone.”

You also might recognize Thomas McDonell, who played Jesse, the brooding, bad-boy and Nova’s love interest in Prom. He played Finn Collins in the CW series The 100 and also starred Dark Shadows, Surburgatory10 Things I Hate About Your Life and The Devil’s Hand.

“To Jesse, Nova seems totally superficial. Then, in fact, she’s not like that, there’s more to her,” he told Spinning Platters. “And the other way around: Nova thinks Jesse is just a trouble-making nuisance, but she learns about the things that are motivating him, from specific stuff like skipping class to pick up his brother because his dad’s gone, to the more subtle things about why they’re emotionally the way they are with each other. And that’s true of all the characters in the film.”

So cute! Along with Thomas and Aimee’s characters in Prom, there were quite a few more characters played by actors you will definitely recognize. For instance, Nicholaus Braun, who played Lloyd, went on to star in How to Be SingleThe Perks of Being a Wallflower and Succession, a hugely successful HBO Max TV show. Another very well-known Prom star was Danielle Campbell, who played Simone. Sound familiar? The actress starred in Disney’s Starstruck and played Davina Claire in The Originals.

Scroll through our gallery to discover what the cast of Prom is up to now!

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