Bella Thorne and Charlie Puth's secret is out!

There's been speculation for weeks now that Bella and Charlie were dating, but there was no real confirmation. The only evidence fans had to prove this theory is that these two were getting a bit flirty with each other on Twitter. But, of course, that doesn't mean much!

Bella isn't afraid to send love or support to her friends on social media, so this could have just been what they were doing. However, Charlie later tweeted about the kiss of his life. Were they lyrics or was it something real? Was he thinking about Bella while writing it?

Now, there's actual proof that these two are dating…or just making out occasionally on the beaches of Miami. LOL!

Ahhh! Not only that but Bella also posted a photo on her snap story of two polaroids. If you didn't look closely enough, you may have missed it. BUT, one photo is of Bella and the other is of Charlie! Slowly but surely they are taking this relationship into the spotlight and it's the celeb couple that we have all dreamed of!

bella thorne charlie puth

Fingers crossed an official statement is made sooner rather than later. As if all of this wasn't enough, Bella and Charlie already made their first public appearance on a red carpet together. Obviously at the time, no one thought it was a big deal because they are friends, but looking at the pictures now the world can totally they have a deeper connection!

Click through the gallery and check out their photos together on the carpet at Jingle Ball Miami!

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