It seems like just yesterday that Briana Jungwirth was giving birth to little Freddie Tomlinson. Directioners went crazy over the news and Louis Tomlinson basically shut down the Internet when he posted the first photo of him and Freddie together. But, the little babe has come a long way since his infant days. He's already walking!

Of course, we can't forget the video that surfaced of Briana trying to help Freddie walk to Louis while celebrating his first birthday, but he wasn't quite there yet. He still needed his mom for support! Now, almost a month later, Freddie is doing things on his own and he'll be running in no time.

There's a video of Freddie playing with Briana's little brother and not only is he walking but throwing a toy football and he picks up a real basketball! Okay, Freddie, we see you. Could he become an athlete one day?? Of course, only time will tell but until then we'll just be swooning over the clip. He looks SO big and it's completely adorable.

This is everything! Briana isn't shy about putting Freddie on her social media, but he's always posed in a way that makes him look like this perfect child. While he is perfect, it's really great to see this video of him just being a real baby. He's wandering around, playing with toys and acting like normal toddlers do.

He might be the first One Direction baby and he might be Louis' son, but he's also just a kid.

Fingers crossed more clips like this surface on the Internet. We have a feeling every Directioner appreciates being able to see Freddie's big milestones! Next thing we need: Freddie's first words. Will it be One Direction??

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