J-14 hung out with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' Alexis Bledel and Friday Night Lights Zach Gilford in L.A., where they dished about their brand new movie, Post Grad, their on-set chemistry, and they even told us what it was like to act with Batman! Post Grad hits theaters this Friday, August 21!

J-14: What did you like most about the movie when you first read the script?
Alexis Bledel:
I loved the Malby family. I thought they were great characters, and I just liked Ryden. She's not an entirely likable character, but she's a little more sensitive to Adam's character, and I think they got the right tone in the end. It's a good balance. You're still rooting for her, but she stumbles a lot.
Zach Gilford: I loved the family, and I remember the image that stuck in my mind when I was reading it was Ryden's father in the garage on the Nordic rider, and Michael Keaton was already cast, so I could picture him doing that. It was just such a specific picture of a family that seemed so real and really funny that it kept me entertained the whole time.

J-14: Did you guys have similar experiences to your characters, Ryden and Adam?
Zach actually graduated — I only went to college for one year. I relied on stories from people from my class who actually graduated, and I would ask people random questions about their college experience. I was able to relate vicariously through my friends.
Zach: I had a similar experience to my character where when I finished college, I had a job opportunity, a solid offer. Then I was like, 'Well, I could do that, or I could be unemployed and try to be an actor.' It seemed a lot like what I had gone through.

J-14: Did you know each other before filming Post Grad?
No. We had a chemistry test before Zach was cast.
Zach: I thought I failed.
Alexis: He did fine! We met when we read the script together.
Zach: There's this technique called Meisner Technique. It's awful. It's an acting technique where it's you stare at someone and be like, "You're wearing a black shirt." They're like "I'm wearing a black shirt!" It was just so awkward! You just met this person, and we had to pass judgment on each other right off the bat.
Alexis: I don't like passing judgment until I really get to know someone, so I had a big problem with the game. I had this secret resentment, and I didn't want to do it.
Zach:: She already had the job, so she could be as pissed off if she wanted to!

J-14: What was the chemistry like with the entire cast?
It was cool. I was totally star struck half the time between Michael Keaton and Jane Lynch. I mean, it's Batman! I would be sitting there having a talk with him about something totally normal, and in the back of my head, I'd just be like, 'I'm talking to Batman.'

J-14: What advice would you give to people like Ryden and Adam who are starting their lives after college?
You just have to go with it and not let anything get you down. This sounds so cliché, but some times are going to be hard, but ultimately you're going to get through it, and you'll end up where you end up, and you're probably going to be okay. Keep that in mind.
Alexis:: I think the point of the film is you can't plan everything. I've always followed that. Unlike my character, I'm not really a planner in real life, and I think it opens you up to a lot of possibilities.

Photo: Courtesy of Suzanne Tenner/Fox Searchlight

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