Get ready to bring on all the tears, you guys, because the season finale of Raven’s Home is airing on Sunday, May 3, and boy, does it sound like it’s going to be emotional! That’s right, fans are just days away from the final episode of the show’s third season, and the cast just spilled all the tea exclusively to J-14 on what they can expect!

The final episode will be called “Level Up,” and it will follow everyone’s favorite characters as they graduate from middle school and get ready for high school! Wow, how awesome does that sound? But want to know the best part? In the hours before the finale, the network will be playing Raven’s Home episodes all day long! The marathon will feature several of Season 3’s most hilarious episodes and fan-favorite guest stars — and we can’t wait!

J-14: Why was “Level Up” so special for you?

Issac Ryan Brown: The “Level up” episode was so fun to tape because we were all trying to leave behind our own legacy before we left Carver Middle School and move on to high school. It coincides with real life as well, because I feel like we all want to leave behind something or be remembered for something positive that can help others in their own journey or way of life.”

Navia Robinson: “Level Up” was all about camaraderie and teamwork. I feel like the theme of the episode paralleled the energy of our set -lively and collaborative.

Sky Katz: I loved all the characters working together for a common goal. It was teamwork at its best!

Jason Maybaum: The taping of the “Level Up” episode was very special for the entire cast. It was the last episode of Season 3, which was huge. Also, in the episode our characters graduate and move on to middle school or high school which actually happened in real life for us too, so it was really cool.

ravens home season 3 finale exclusive
RAVENÕS HOME – “Level Up” – Booker, Nia and Tess team up to win the end of the year 8th-grade treasure hunt in hopes they can become Carver Middle school “legends.” Meanwhile, Raven and Chelsea land a segment to promote their business on Chris Spring-Lake’s new reality makeover show. This episode of “Raven’s Home” airs Sunday, May 3 (8:00-8:25 P.M. EDT) on Disney XD. (Disney Channel/Tony Rivetti)
Disney Channel

J-14: Can you share some fun behind-the-scenes stories from the taping of the episode?

Issac: My favorite behind-the-scenes moment was when Navia, Sky and I graduated from middle school in real life. We had a small graduation on the Raven’s Home set and celebrated with cake and presents. It was super fun!

Sky: Once we had a shaved ice truck on set during lunch (my favorite food) and I spilled it on my shirt that I was wearing for the episode. I was freaking out. Thankfully the wardrobe department had a spare of the exact same shirt and saved the day!

Jason: On the last day of shooting the episode, the crew and our set teachers threw us a real graduation ceremony where all of the kids in the cast actually graduated and moved onto middle school and high school.

ravens home season 3 finale exclusive
Disney Channel

J-14: Can you share some fun tips/ideas for students to celebrate their graduation virtually?

Issac: One fun tip that I have been doing with my friends and family is Zoom visits, so I think a Zoom graduation would be fun! You can also celebrate with your close family the day of graduation on Zoom or FaceTime each other.

Navia: Students can celebrate their graduations by swapping/sharing personal messages and stories, via text or video, about the school year. Similar to a secret Santa gift exchange, a mediator (parent or administrator) can compile the names and contact info of every graduating student and randomly assign each student the name of another student of whom they can share a kind message and/or story with, via text or video.

Sky: We’ve celebrated a few holidays and birthdays for family and friends by chatting over FaceTime and Zoom. We’ve also done drive-by car parades for local friends’ birthdays, holding banners and signs and honking our car horns like crazy. I’d say any of these would be good ways to celebrate graduations for people who want to celebrate while respecting social distancing.

Jason: A fun thing to do to celebrate graduation virtually is to get dressed up and then zoom with your friends and family to have a real virtual graduation ceremony. It is a big deal to graduate and an accomplishment to share with friends and family. Even if we can’t be in the same room together, we can celebrate in the same zoom together.

Make sure to tune in on Sunday, May 3, at 8 P.M. EST/PST on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW.

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