Reneé Rapp is already back in the studio following her 2023 debut album Snow Angel!

The “Poison Poison” singer, 24, teased new music during a conversation with actress Rachel Sennott in a brand-new episode of Instagram’s video podcast “Close Friends Only,” posted on June 27, 2024. Keep reading for everything the two said on the pod.

After Rachel asked about a new album, Reneé confirmed she’s currently working on it.

“[Age] 23 to 24 has been a massive difference for me,” Reneé tells the Shiva Baby actress. “It’s also about, like, a reflection on my, like, 23rd year specifically.”

Rachel, 28, agreed with Reneé’s point about her early 20s — and also offered some guidance as the singer gets older.

“23 is f–king crazy. It was like the most insane year of my life. But it’s also, like, you kind of have a crazy glow-up that year because you shed everything. You’re in constant chaos. And then what’s really crazy is when you hit the Saturn return, which is what I’m at right now. It starts at 27. Things you thought you learned at 23 come back around.”

In Reneé and Rachel’s conversation, the friends also spoke about how they originally met, their celebrity crushes and Reneé’s decision to *never* try out a dating app, ever.

“[They] scare the s–t out of me,” the Mean Girls star explained of the apps. “For some reason, I was never like, ‘Oh, that’s something I could do.’ I think of just Christian Mingle. I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s for elderly Christians. I’m not that.’”

Instead, the two agreed that Instagram is one of the best places to flirt online. “Dating apps are, to me, like ‘We’re here to find love,’ and it’s so vulnerable,” Rachel added. “On Instagram, you always have that out, like, ‘I just liked your photo. I think it’s creative … It was never that deep.’”

The podcast, designed to be an intimate conversation between notable celebs, debuted in December 2023 with an episode that featured Doja Cat and Ice Spice.

That’s not all Reneé and Rachel yapped about, either! Scroll through our gallery below for everything the two had to share.

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