If you have a total crush on Ricardo Hurtado, well, first of all — welcome to the club! And second — you’re in luck because the School of Rock actor spilled exclusively to J-14 all about what he looks for in a relationship. From how to catch his eye to his absolute dream date, the 19-year-old truly didn’t hold back when it came to dishing on his love life.


The quickest way to intrigue the Malibu Rescue star is to catch his eye … literally! “One of the first things that makes me interested in a girl is her confidence to make eye contact with me,” he told us. “If I find you attractive and you keep looking at me, I’ll go out of my way to talk to you.”


Ricardo admitted that one of his dating deal breakers is a girl who is cocky and entitled. For him, kindness goes a long way! “I’m a sucker for a sweetie pie,” he said.


Who says working out is boring? Not this guy! “I love fitness, so a girl who is into fitness and will work out with me would be really cool,” Ricardo revealed/


It’s easier to get to know the real Ricardo while hanging out face-to-face rather than through text. “I prefer to talk to my crush in person so they can see my charming and gentleman-like personality to its fullest extent,” he smiled.


Ricardo is all about outdoor dates. “The perfect summer date would start with a brunch in Malibu, followed by a day on the beach,” he described. “As the night continues, I’d treat my lady to a lovely steak dinner, and then we’d watch a scary movie at a drive-in movie theater. Afterwards, we’d make a bonfire on the beach where we’d make s’mores and I’d serenade her. Lastly, I’d drive her home and give her a kiss goodnight.”

Ugh, we’re swooning! Check out Ricardo in Netflix’s Malibu Rescue movie on May 13 and series on June 3.

Reporting credit: Toni Ferrigno

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