Rihanna decided to make her latest Album ANTI available for free on Jay Z’s music streaming site Tidal.

But Rihanna’s former publicist has revealed that the singer is upset with Jay Z due to the poor sales! Selling just 460 copies in the first week! Eeek!

Record producer Jonathon Hay, who worked with the star in 2005, said it was clear that Rihanna is “upset” with the level of success achieved on the site.

"Tidal is lame. It’s embarrassing for Jay Z. And now to see Kanye West do the Tidal album and his record doesn’t chart, and then Rihanna’s first week, it was a disaster," he told The Mirror.

"For Jay Z to make his artists do this is so bad because this is affecting their legacy. It’s really crazy and I know for a fact Rihanna is upset about the Tidal thing and you can see it when you go to her Twitter." he continued.

Jonathon then made the reference to the fact that Rihanna posted a link on her Twitter to get her album on Google Plus app and not Tidal, with him saying that was her way of “shooting back."

Eeek! Rihanna and Jay Z have always been good friends! We hope they don't fall out over this!

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