Let's be honest, the only way we can possibly decide which Riverdale cutie should be our boyfriend is by taking a quiz that can give us all the answers. We really just can't decide on our own, and we don't just mean between Archie and Jughead. Sure, both KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse are seriously cute, and we'd be lucky to date either of them — but Charles Melton is also a total hottie. Actually, to be honest, pretty much all of the guys in Riverdale are total hotties. And though Chuck and Reggie might not be the ideal date, they've all got their redeeming qualities. Even if it's just their looks.

Honestly, though, we really do think every guy in Riverdale is worthy of a date or two, just to test the waters. In a show like this, everyone has a secret — and that secret might be that they're actually not such a bad guy when you get to know them. Chuck certainly seems to have started over in season two, after all. Not only is he getting in touch with his artistic side, he's also being pretty sweet when it comes to trying to woo Josie. Even if Cheryl did shut that whole thing down. And though Moose might not be our first-pick, seeing what he did for Midge gives us total butterflies.

So yeah, it's a given that we're already in love with Archie-kins and Jug, but there's room in our hearts for more. And we'd take just about any cutie from this show that we could get. Well, as long as he's not secretly the Black Hood or anything. Wait, none of these guys are secretly the Black Hood, right? We're crossing our fingers — but for now we're keeping our minds open. Follow our flowchart quiz below to find out which Riverdale guy is right for you.

riverdale boyfriend quiz

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