OK, let’s all be honest. We are currently counting down the days until October 11, when Riverdale Season 2 will finally start. If the waiting is killing you, then never fear. We have something new, dramatic, and Riverdale-centric to help tide you over. With the release of the Season 1 DVD coming up on August 15th, J-14 is premiering a deleted scene from the episode “The Last Picture Show.” If you remember, in this episode Veronica’s mother Hermione is starting to look like she’s been associating with some mighty suspicious characters, and this new scene only casts more suspicion on her, as she is questioned by the Sheriff. Honestly, any scene with the crazy talented Camila Mendes and Marisol Nichols together is 100% worth watching.

In other news, we do have a few details that we know before the new season premieres, and they are only getting us more excited than ever. The first episode will be titled “A Kiss Before Dying,” and is set to pick up right where season one left off: with the aftermath of Fred Andrews’s shooting. We already have a trailer for season 2, which was released along with some hilarious bloopers from the first season.

We are also pretty upset that Ross Butler is leaving the show (due to scheduling issues), but we can’t wait to Charles Melton (from Glee and American Horror Story) step into Reggie’s shoes. As if we needed even more to be excited about, the new season will have 22 episodes, in comparison to only 13 in the first season!

So we’re back at going crazy with anticipation for October 11, 2017. Still, the DVD is sure to have a bunch of great unseen footage, and if it’s anything like this deleted scene, we know it will be worth picking up.

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