Riverdale fans, brace yourselves. What if we told you that in some alternate universe, an actress other than Lili Reinhart could have played the role of Betty Cooper? They would never consider doing that, right? Wrong! Believe it or not, throughout the audition process, they actually considered Madelaine Petsch for the role instead. Yep, that’s right. We’re talkin’ Cheryl Blossom. We know – it all sounds totally backwards, which is why they ended up switching things around.

“I initially auditioned for Legends of Tomorrow, and I then got called in the same day for a producer session for that guest-star. And from there, I came in three days later, for producers for Betty,” the red-headed beauty revealed in a recent YouTube video on her channel.

Hold up – can we all just take a moment and imagine Madelaine playing Betty? It’s just impossible to picture. Although the actress isn’t the mean girl we see on TV, she really executes that quick-witted Cheryl sass with the fierceness only a true Blossom could pull off. Plus, Betty just wouldn’t be Betty if it weren’t for Lili. Not to mention, if Lili didn’t land the role of Betty, she and Cole Sprouse may have never gotten together IRL. Ugh, we truly cannot even think about that. It hurts our souls. Luckily, months and months after Madelaine auditioned for the role of Betty Cooper, they called her back in to audition for Cheryl. Now that’s more like it.

cheryl blossom

“I’m pretty sure they always knew they wanted me for Cheryl. Then, four months later, I came in for Cheryl!”

It was fate, really. Not to mention, Madelaine and Lili have great chemistry with each other on screen, as they’re characters truly do suit them quite perfectly.

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