If the Riverdale cast is prepared for anything, it's the paparazzi. More specifically, how to get out of a car without flashing the world. Yep – as weird as it sounds, you did hear that right.

One of the most impressive parts of the hit teen drama, in our opinion, is the fact that the cast is filled with television newbies who are now taking the world by storm – which has us wondering, were the stars prepared for all this immediate fame? Turns out, The CW network took some preparatory measures by enrolling the cast in some serious media training. And according to Madelaine Petsch (er, Cheryl Blossom), nailing down ~the right way~ to get out of a car was one of the toughest tasks to tackle. No really though, that actually happened.

cheryl blossom challenge accepted

The actress revealed in an interview with YouTube Shane Dawson, "We had to do media training, which was like intensive. This is so weird – we had to learn how to get out of the car without flashing. There's a very specific way, where you like cover yourself with the door of the car and you get out with the opposite leg so that your leg isn't like open, essentially."

Who even knew it was possible to gracefully get out of a car? It's low-key impossible, tbh. Although, we expect Madelaine and her co-stars Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes and Ashleigh Murray are total pros now that they've passed the course.

"And you have to pass. You have to do it until you don't flash. It's a thing."

The redheaded beauty really did blow up quickly, and her increased Instagram following is proof.

"Probably, I would say a little over a year ago, I had 40,000 followers on Instagram," she said. "I'm at like 4 [million] now."

Wait but 40k followers is impressive to begin with, no? Well, she did date Aaron Carter way back when, so she had a little taste of the celebrity life beforehand. The Riverdale fame is a whole new level though. Talk about becoming famous overnight!

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