Well guys, it looks like the Riverdale parents don’t know their own TV show as well as they thought they did! That’s right, Mark Consuelos, Marisol Nichols, Molly Ringwald and Skeet Ulrich recently put their knowledge of the CW show’s major plotlines to the test, and they had a pretty hard time remembering everything that happened throughout the past four seasons. Although, we don’t exactly blame them because a lot of wild stuff has gone down!

Take Betty Cooper, for example! During one episode, the blonde beauty found out that she tested positive for a “serial killer” gene, but did the parents remember that happening? Actually, some did and some didn’t. While Marisol was sure that happened, Mark questioned that moment in the series.

“Do you read the scripts?” she questioned her TV husband after he wondered if that was a real plotline.

Don’t worry, though, her joke totally came back to haunt her because later on in the video, the parents were questioned about whether or not a group of nuns from the fictional Sisters of Quiet Mercy poisoned themselves so they didn’t have to testify against Hiram Lodge. Obviously, fans of the show know that’s real, but the parents didn’t. They all claimed it’s fake, except Mark.

“No… That’s real, they did. The nuns that were going to testify against me,” he said, before mocking his onscreen love interest. “Do you read the scripts?”

Despite their mistakes, all four actors did a lot better than they thought they were going to. It turned out they really do know the fan-favorite show after all.

As fans know, this video came just one week before the show is finally set to return after its mid-season hiatus. So, mark your calendars and set your alarms, Riverdale fans, because on Wednesday, April 15, the gang will be back with their annual musical episode!

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