There's a lot going on in Riverdale, which is why certain storylines kind of get left in the dust every now and then – only to be resurrected later on. One of those story lines that people have been low-key sleeping on since Season 1 is Polly Cooper's pregnancy. Before we get into the logistics of her predicted due date, let's refresh ourselves with her whole twins situation.

Polly, Betty's older sister, was in a relationship with the late Jason Blossom – Cheryl Blossom's twin brother. Her parents didn't approve if the two dating at all, so Polly wasn't in a good place with them. She and Jason were head over heels in love, found out they were pregnant… but knew their parents would disapprove. So what did they do? They planned to run away together, so Polly packed up her stuff and plotted to head off to Sweetwater River – the location they planned to meet.

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Much to Polly's dismay, her parents found out about the plan. And off to the group home she went. This was on July 4, the day Jason was killed. However, Polly was shipped off and never informed of the murder. That is, until Betty came to see her. It wasn't until her little sister sneakily came to see her at Sisters of Quiet Mercy group home when she found out her boyfriend was dead, and that she was on her own with this pregnancy. Oh – and the babies are twins, might we add. And did we mention the Blossoms and Coopers derive from the same ancestors? So yeah, the whole ordeal is v complex, to say the least.

Now, let's get into the timeline here. Polly and Jason planned to run away on the 4th of July, which means it was around this time when they found out about the pregnancy. Of course, it may have taken them a bit of time to process and devise a plan – but it's probably safe to say this happened in late June or early July.

While Polly's pregnancy wasn't really a main topic of conversation in the first half of Season 2, she would have been 6-months pregnant during the Christmas episode. If the series goes by the current timeline of a 9-month pregnancy (it's a show, who knows?), she's not supposed to deliver the twins until approximately March.

So yeah, we've still got time… even though it seems like the storyline was forgotten about a bit.

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