Ever since the show premiered, Riverdale has been delivering us iconic quotes that give their audience a bit of a wink. Thing is, Archie Comics were already an established franchise before KJ Apa became a fake ginger and Cole Sprouse put on that weird-smelling hat. So, ya know, it makes sense that the writers would honor that legacy. But as the series grew in popularity, Riverdale also began winking back at its fans, letting them know that they're in on our jokes, that they know what ships we're attached to and when we think they're getting a little too CW Teen Drama on us.

And legit, sometimes we wonder if Kevin Keller is there in part to serve as the in-house voice of the fandom.

So to forward that love back to the writers (please keep reading our tweets) here are a few meta AF Riverdale lines that feel like total fanservice.

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