Tiera Skovbye, or better known as Polly Cooper on the hit show Riverdale, just announced her surprise engagement and fans are buzzing about the news. Tiera's longtime love, Jameson Parker, popped the question over the weekend while hanging out on a lake with both of their families. She looks incredibly happy and we can't help but absolutely love their love. Tiera posted a series of photos on Instagram from the weekend with a caption that will seriously melt your heart.

She wrote, "This weekend was something out of a dream. The love of my life surprised the crap out of me and asked me to marry him in his childhood bedroom (not planned, I'm really hard to surprise) . We got to spend the rest of the weekend hanging out on the lake with both of our families and it was absolutely wonderful. I'm over the ? happy. #gettinghitched #heputaringonit #imgonnabeaparker #evenlambsgetmarried."

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Jameson posted the same photo with the message, "We dun did it!!!! This weekend at the lake I grew up on, with all of our family around and a lot of champagne: I asked my best friend to marry me. For some reason the beautiful, talented @tskovbye1 actually said yes and I can't wait to marry the girl of my dreams in front of all of our favourite people. This summer has been one of the best of my life. Love you fiancé!"

Seriously, can this be any more magical? There are no real details about the upcoming nuptials just yet but after stalking Tiera and Jameson's Instagram accounts, it's obvious that they are a perfect match. Not only do they just look hot together but they really support each other in everything that they do – something that is super important.

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The Riverdale star posted a photo last month on Instagram with Jameson, both making goofy faces in the car, and said, "So proud of my love for his first day of filming #summerof84movie !!! You have worked your a—s off and it's paying off! It has been such a fun adventure watching you work towards your dreams! And even more exciting that we get to work together!! #powercouple."

A power couple they are, indeed! Also, we can't help but notice how normal they are. Like, Tiera acts in one of the biggest shows airing on television right now but still posts crazy car selfies? I don't know what you think, but to me, that's #COUPLEGOALS. Congratulations to Tiera, Jameson and their families!

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