With Riverdale returning tomorrow night, we need everything — our phone wallpapers, our phone cases, our clothes and jewelry, we mean everything — to show off our Bulldogs Pride. Yep, we're so obsessed with the CW show that we've basically started our own squad of River Vixens, just for our favorite characters instead of a football team. (How can we help it? They're all so cute — even just in the photos in their bedrooms.) But the thing is, we were noticeably lacking in pre-made phone wallpapers. Luckily, we were able to quickly whip up some of our own.

We've created 29 Riverdale phone wallpapers, featuring your favorite characters, couples, friends, and places from the show. And duh, of course we included Pop's Chock-lit Shoppe. Actually, we're so obsessed with Pop's, we made two. And now we can show off our Pop's love with pride and feel like we're visiting every single time we pick up our cell to shoot off a text or check in on Instagram. So if you're ready for season two to return, check them out. Scroll through the gallery below to find a Riverdale phone wallpaper that you love, then click to download for your phone.

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