The writers of Riverdale are not here for anyone hating on their show! Yep, they just clapped back at an actor who had slammed the CW series for its “lack of depth” after his character was killed off, and their response was everything.

For those who forgot, the entire world was shook when Jughead Jones’ teacher, Mr. Chipping, jumped out of a window for seemingly no reason. And it turns out, the actor behind the role, Sam Witwer, was just confused as viewers were!

“As for why that character jumps out a window, I have no idea. But I read the script and laughed. I was like, ‘Right, of course. Of course he does,” the 42-year-old admitted in a recent interview. “I’d love to say I had deep thoughts about the whole thing, but I don’t think that’s really the way they work over there.”

Mr Clipping Jumps Out Window

It was later revealed that Mr. Chipping committed suicide because he felt guilty that he couldn’t protect Jughead. For those who missed it, Jughead was competing to become the next author of the Baxter Brothers novel, and to get the job he had to commit the perfect murder.

The Star Wars star also slammed the writers of the show for not filling him in on what was going to happen to his character.

Riverdale calls me up and goes, ‘We want you to be on the show. We really need you to say yes and fly out tomorrow. Can you do us this favor?’ And I’m like, ‘…OK.’ That was the last communication I had with them. Any questions I had went, I’m sorry, sadly unanswered,” he continued. “I was a little bit relieved when I saw my character jumping out the window. I don’t have to wonder anymore whether I’m being made to look like a** because I can’t — maybe I’m just not a good enough actor, but I can’t do my job if I don’t know what’s going on.”

But when the creators of the show caught wind of his comments, they were not pleased! They took to Twitter to respond, writing, “Mystery Solved: It’s because everyone wanted to PUSH you out the window, Sam. Stay classy and safe.” Ouch!

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