Finding out how tall their favorite celebrities are is something that often leaves fans a bit mesmerized. Most people don't get the opportunity to stand next to or see their favorite stars in person and sometimes finding out just how tall or short they are, comes as a surprise to many. But did you know a lot of your favorite stars are actually over six feet tall?

There are celebrities that are so tall, they tower over all of their famous friends and some couples are so different in height that seeing them together is actually super adorable — one actor was a whole foot taller than his girlfriend!

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Stars like Calum Worthy have celebrated the moment they found out they had finally reached being 6 feet tall and he shared the moment on Twitter with fans.

Ross Lynch tweeted six years ago that he was almost six feet, and now he is!

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But these Disney Channel stars are not the only ones that are super tall. A ton of singers and actors have surpassed being in the five feet range and are super proud of it.

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Click through the gallery to see which of your favorite stars are over six feet tall, and find out which girl is the only one to make the list.