He’s always been a heartthrob, but Ross Lynch being over six feet tall is so iconic! The actor became a major star during his Disney Channel days, but he’s still making fans swoon while creating music with The Driver Era. Keep reading for more details about the Austin & Ally alum’s height. 

How Tall Is Ross Lynch?

It’s been reported that Ross is exactly six feet tall.

Haha I am almost 6-feet tall!!! #ohyeah,” the actor shared via Twitter in December 2011. From the sound of it, he reached that major milestone. 

What Has Ross Lynch Said About His Height?

The actor actually hasn’t spoken much about being tall over the years. However, he has talked candidly about growing up in the public eye, reflecting on life in a talented family.

“My mom had us doing s–t all day long,” the My Friend Dahmer star told W Magazine in November 2017. “That’s honestly why I’m so good at so many things, because it was like summer camp all the time.”

He nabbed the role as Austin Moon in Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally, and he immediately rose to fame following the show’s January 2016 premiere.

“When I first booked the role, my dad was like, ‘This is going to change your life.’ And obviously it did, in a massive way,” the singer shared. “But at the time, I was just like, ‘Cool, I got a gig, I get to go work.’”

Now he’s a household name. Other than acting, Ross and his family made music under the moniker R5 until he and brother Rocky Lynch went off on their own to start The Driver Era duo.

“It was a combination of ideas but also just the idea that we knew we needed to change something,” Ross told Billboard in March 2018 about the decision to branch out. “That idea has been around for a long time; it wasn’t like a sporadic thing. This is something that was on our plates for a really long time, and we’ve been considering it for a long time, and this was the best time for us to go through with it.”

And how they have succeeded! Scroll through our gallery to see photos of Ross towering over other stars. 

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