Louis Tomlinson‘s solo album hasn’t dropped yet, but One Direction fans are anxiously anticipating Tommo’s latest move. The singer recently Instagrammed a photo straight from the studio collaborating with another artist — and Directioners freaked out.

Who was the artist in question? None other than ROZES. She may be known to her friends and family as Elizabeth Mencel, but her name should be familiar from her hit single with The Chainsmokers. J-14 recently talked with the “Roses” singer, and she EXCLUSIVELY opened up about working with Louis.

louis tomlinson rozes

“It was really fun. He is actually the sweetest person and very down-to-earth and very conversational and very funny. It was really fun working with him, and he’s super-talented. We kind of dug into his life, what he’s up to. He’s obviously going through an emotional time and then recreating himself [as a solo artist], so it was fun to be his diary for the day,” she told us.

“He seemed older and more mature also. He just has experience, and I’m sure being on the road has made him grow up. Obviously, the loss of his mom has made him grow up even quicker, and he’s a dad.”

It wasn’t all serious, though. One hilarious thing that happened while they were working together? ROZES started adopting a British accent, purely on accident!

“It’s funny, when I was talking to him, I was adapting his accent. He was like, ‘I was hanging out with me boy today’ and I was like, ‘Oh, ya were!’ He’s got an English accent, and I was adopting some weird accent,” she told us, laughing.

“It happens so frequently when I’m working with people whose accents are different than mine. I start talking like them. The other day, I was in a session and talking in a British accent like the producer and he was like, ‘Are you talking in a British accent?’ And I was like, ‘Sorry! I think I’ve adapted your accent.’”

LOL. That’s hilarious!

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