For those of you who are missing your friends during the coronavirus quarantine, Ruby Rose Turner and Ruth Righi have got you covered!

The two stars — who are best friends in real life — have actually teamed up to create a series of virtual sleepover challenges, including quarantine games, cupcake decorating, charades and so much more! You can catch new Ruth and Ruby’s Virtual Sleepover Challenge videos every week, and we have an exclusive first look at their latest video, called “Charades Challenge” — make sure to watch it above!

We even had the chance to chat with the ladies on how they’re staying close despite being forced apart because of the pandemic, and they gave us so many tips on how you too can connect with friends during this time!

J-14: What has been your favorite challenge so far and why?

Ruth Righi: Out of all the challenges, I’d have to say my favorite one would either be the detective or cupcake decorating challenge. The detective one had me laughing to tears and the cupcake one was super fun (also came with a dessert).

Ruby Rose Turner: The detective challenge was really fun because we got to find out knew things about each other and we also got to see how well we know each other.

J-14: Who is the best at the games?

Ruth: I think it is a solid tie between who’s the best at games because we are both champions at any game. In all seriousness, we have different strengths and weaknesses that make us better at different challenges.

Ruby: I would have to say we’re both pretty equally matched at games because we’re both super driven and competitive, which is what I love best about Ruthie and our friendship.

J-14: What do you love most about working on this new series?

Ruth: I love everything about this mini-series, but one of the things that I love the most is that I get to spend time with Ruby just having fun and trying new things. Whenever we see each other it’s always a memorable time and I’m so happy that we get to share it with everyone watching.

Ruby: Well of course I love this one because I get to work with Ruthie and us being great friends in real life and knowing each other so well makes it super organic and easy. But I also love this type of short-form series because they’re fun and the script is loosely based so we can show more of ourselves and just have fun with whatever happens.

J-14: What’s your favorite thing about one another?

Ruth: One of my favorite things about Ruby is that she always knows how to make me smile. No matter how I’m feeling, she can make me feel better and comforted within seconds.

Ruby: I love how driven Ruthie is in real life and that keeps me motivated and pushes me to be my best too.

J-14: How did you guys get so close?

Ruth: From the minute we met, we clicked and gave each other our numbers. We then started FaceTiming non-stop which allowed us to become close even though we couldn’t always see each other.

Ruby: With both of us being in the same industry we can relate to a lot of the same things because we’re both going through them at the same time. She’s also super high energy and goal oriented, so we just instantly connected. She’s a lot of fun and I’ve always loved that about her.

J-14: Do you remember the first time you met? What was your first impression of the other person?

Ruth: I first met Ruby at a Disney event for Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. She was super sweet and I could tell from the first time we talked that she is a caring and genuine person. Though that was the first time we introduced ourselves, it was when she had a premiere party for her show that we really got to talk and realize how alike we are.

Ruby: I met Ruthie at the Mickey’s 90th Birthday Party event. Even though we didn’t get to talk a lot that night I just knew we’d become great friends because she had such great energy. Soon after, both of our shows started and we started seeing each other more often at the same events and have been great friends ever since!

J-14: What are some of the things you like to do together?

Ruth: When we can, we do anything and everything. We listen to music, go to the beach, create iconic dances, but our favorite thing is sleepovers.

Ruby: Listen to music, watch movies, swim, dance.

J-14: Any tips for friends who can’t see each other during the pandemic? How do you manage to stay close with your friends during this time?

Ruth: It can be super difficult for friends who can’t see each other right now because quarantine has us all inside, but it’s important to check in with your friends to see how they are doing. From time to time calling or FaceTiming each other and catching up is such a great way to maintain a friendship during this time.

Ruby: FaceTime has been really good for me to help me stay connected with friends during this time. I’ve even been able to reconnect with some friends I’d lost touch with since I’d been filming Coop & Cami the past two plus years.

J-14: Any tips for people who are feeling down during the pandemic?

Ruth: For anyone feeling down during this pandemic, it’s important to know you are not the only one feeling this way. My tip would be to surround yourself with things you love. Whether that’s painting, writing songs, cooking, or even just going for a walk, it is super important to take care of yourself and take time to appreciate your surroundings.”

Ruby: That’s a tough one… Even for me. I thrive on social interaction and accomplishing things so in the beginning I struggled to build a new way for myself. I realized that keeping a routine was important and focusing on doing the things I love most while continuing to challenge myself in different ways. Learning new songs on the piano (which I never had time to do during filming the show),  lots of vocal lessons, exercise, swimming and sunshine. You have to push yourself to keep going!

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