Summer is over, school is back in session, and you officially need something to get excited about – right? Then may we introduce Ruel, the best thing to come out of Australia since 5 Seconds of Summer!

Thanks to his insane vocals (and let’s be honest, that too-cute face), the 15-year-old Aussie is being called the next Justin Bieber. But tbh, his soulful sound and deep lyrics kinda beat, “Chillin’ by the fireplace eatin’ fondue.” We’re kidding, Beliebers – who doesn’t love Justin?

His latest song, “Younger,” follows the emotional roller coaster of realizing you’re growing apart from your BFF, but we recommend starting at the beginning of Ruel’s discography with his breakout hit, “Don’t Tell Me.”

One night three years ago, Ruel was at the dinner table with his parents and sisters. While telling them about a girl he had a crush on, the convo turned super typical: “My whole family was like, ‘Ruel, you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re way too young to think about that sort of stuff,” he recalls. “And that really frustrated me. I thought ‘They can’t tell me how to feel,’ so I wrote a song about it.”

Totally convinced of his son’s talent, his dad recorded a demo of Ruel singing James Bay’s “Let It Go” and producer M-Phazes, who has worked with Logic and Eminem, asked for a meeting ASAP. Before he knew it, Ruel was being interviewed by Elton John and touring with Khalid.

Best part? He’s going on tour! The Ready EP Launch Tour kicks off this month, and he’ll be traveling all over the world.

And did we mention he’s uh-dorable? Check out his video for “Younger” – yes, that’s him playing both parts –and prepare to be obsessed!

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