“Please Please Please” don’t break her heart, Barry Keoghan! Following the release of Sabrina Carpenter‘s new hit song — where she pretty much begs her boyfriend to not “embarrass her” — we can’t help but wonder about the couple’s compatibility IRL. Does Sabrina have reason to worry? Is Barry really a stand-up guy? Keep reading to uncover the couple’s astrological compatibility.

First off, I must note that while we know the when and where of both Sabrina and Barry’s births, the exact minute remains a mystery — which leaves astrologers like myself unable to unveil their rising signs or map out the planetary placements in their houses. Nevertheless, fear not, for we can still unravel the mysteries of their major zodiacal positions!

We’ll begin with the most basic astrological level: the couple’s sun signs. While Barry is a charming, sociable Libra, Sabrina is a steadfast, grounded Taurus — and she has even admitted to checking “a lot of boxes of a Taurus.”

“I’m just super into astrology in general,” she told Nylon Magazine in February 2022. “I’ve met a lot of people and then I’ll get to know them, then do more research, and I’m always fascinated by how accurate it is.”

We’re guessing Sabrina’s already done the rundown on Barry’s birth chart — as Libra’s are known to be very likable, diplomatic and overall peaceful and positive people. Some of their lesser positive traits, however, include indecisiveness, dependency issues and superficiality.

While Tauruses and Libras aren’t necessarily perfect matches due to their differing elements — they do share the same planet, Venus (the planet of love and beauty). We’re guessing the two get a long when they look and feel their best, likely sharing a mutual admiration for aesthetics and holding similar perspectives on matters of both style and love.

Water runs deep in both of their charts, as well, as Sabrina has a Pisces moon and Cancer Venus, while Barry has a Cancer moon and Scorpio Venus. That means the two can connect on a deeper level in matters of the heart, setting the stage for a seamless emotional rapport and a shared language of affection.

YouTube/Sabrina Carpenter

When it comes to actual communication, however, Barry and Sabrina may face some hurdles, given that their Mercury placements fall in opposite signs — Taurus for Sabrina and Scorpio for Barry. This could present a silver lining, however, offering an opportunity for them to explore new communication styles. While initially unfamiliar, once they grasp each other’s needs, it could become a catalyst for their relationship to flourish and evolve.

This couple is fueled by a profound and intense attraction, partly due to potent influences from their Pluto placements. Sabrina’s moon forms a harmonious trine with Pluto in Barry’s chart, fostering deep emotional resonance and catalyzing powerful shifts within them. Additionally, her sun directly opposes Pluto, creating a magnetic pull that’s both thrilling and irresistible.

Despite potential mismatches in their sun or Mercury signs, both the songstress and actor most likely find solace in their abundant water sign placements, fostering a fluid emotional bond. Moreover, with Pluto’s intensity and Mars’s passion in the mix, their relationship crackles with irresistible allure and sizzling chemistry. They may not be together forever (we would need some birth times to figure that out), but their relationship definitely has a solid foundation.

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