Be Still Our Hearts: Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson Literally Recreate a 'Girl Meets World' Scene On Twitter


There are plenty of fans out there and we're going to go right ahead and include ourselves in there whoa re still bummed over the fact that Girl Meets World is officially dunzo. Granted, everyone was treated to three solid seasons of the Disney Channel series but you know, you always want more of what you can't have. Well, the cast has proven time and time again that they are still as close as ever and they're keeping the GMW fandom alive in the process too. This latest mega-adorable moment come courtesy of Sabrina Carpenter and she even got another Disney Channel starlet, Sofia Carson, involved and it's literal magic.

So here's what went down: Sabrina was chatting on Twitter with some of her fans and one of them asked her to say something in Spanish, to which she agreed. She replied saying, "Did you know that I'm a bit allergic to carrots?" which is just classic Sabs for you.

And that's when Sofia came in. Sofia is fluent in Spanish, so she of course chimed in with her own words of wisdom. Except the sentence she tweeted out is v familiar to GMW fans.

Now, this sentence doesn't actually make much sense, since it means "The potato am a good sailboat." But as you might member in season three of the series in the episode "Girl Meets Permanent Record," this is what Riley says in Spanish class when she is talking to her teacher, attempting to improve on her skills.


So literally Sofia is a big fan of the beloved show, just like the rest of us. It's as if Riley and Maya were having a conversation, IRL! Sofia and Sabrina are super close, just like Riley and Maya are on the show too, so you know, major feels.

So much BFF love all around. Excuse is while we go hit up the Netflix queue and rewatch all of the Girl Meets World again.

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