According to Sabrina Carpenter, there are a lot of things she would have done differently during her Disney days. Yep, the actress just opened up about her time in Girl Meets World, and she admitted that there were some stuff that looking back, she definitely would have changed.

“It’s funny because in the moment, that was my world and that was my everything and I was so proud to be a part of it and everything that it stood for. I definitely would have done some things different had I been doing it now,” she told Teen Vogue during a recent interview. “But I think the beauty of the show was that we really were at the age that we were playing and we were coming into ourselves as we were playing characters that were coming into themselves.”

As fans know, this comes just days after she opened up about the Disney “stigma” and the pressures she faced after transitioning from the network.

“It’s so funny to me that it’s become this huge stigma over the years and that there has to be a transition,” the 21-year-old told Clevver News, when asked about her transformation from a Disney girl to a big musical artist. “[The public] puts so much pressure on that point from when you’re done being on a Disney Channel show to whatever you do next. Honestly, I was just always doing what I love and I continue to do what I love and follow the projects and things that my heart tells me to do and leads me to.”

The blonde beauty continued, “It was kinda natural, I really just wanted to focus on music as I exited out of that show, and sooner than later I was introduced to some projects that became close to my heart and that I wanted to be a part of as well. From the outside people probably see it very differently than I see it. I just see it as me growing up like I normally would, I’m just happy to know that people have been along for a ride, at least my fans have and they’ve been so supportive through everything.”

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