It’s a day Sabrina Carpenter fans have been waiting for, as her new album Singular Act 1 has arrived. And while girl has truly created some certified jams this time around, there is one person in her life who can’t help but gush over how proud he is. Yes, we’re talking about Corey Fogelmanis, her former Girl Meets World co-star, and our Maya and Farkle loving hearts can’t even handle it.

Maya and Farkle
Disney Channel

The “Almost Love” songstress took to her Instagram Stories to share a look into some text messages her bud sent her and it’s honestly just too freakin’ cute seeing how excited Corey is for her. He not only named “Mona Lisa” and “Hold Tight,” her duet with their fellow GMW star Amir Mitchell-Townes as his faves but added, “And ‘Sue Me’ of course but we listened to it like 10 times the night you recorded it. So so so excited for you. Love you,” he wrote.

Corey and Sabrina Texts

We suddenly have tears in our eyes and we’re wondering if someone is someone cutting onions up in here. But the cuteness didn’t stop there, as we notice that Sabs has Corey’s name in her phone as “Fargle,” a play on his character Farkle’s name, and the photo she has assigned to him is one from when they were legit babies in the super early days of their friendship. They’re both 19 years old now and have been in each other’s lives since their young teenage years, so they’ve literally grown into adulthood together, always staying so supportive of each other. Seriously just precious! And Corey and Sabrina were even both on hand at Danielle Fishel‘s wedding, with Sabrina serving as a bridesmaid.

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Topanga is out here taking care of her little ones forever, and yes, Ben Savage, AKA their Cory Matthews was at the wedding too, so this really was an epic GMW reunion. We’re once again getting all misty-eyed knowing that the Disney Channel show, although short-lived, brought these people all of our faves together forever. Just precious.

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