Sabrina Carpenter knows how to work a red carpet. From Disney Channel premieres to awards shows and concerts, the singer-actress can dress well for any occasion. The young star’s style has definitely evolved since her first red carpet in 2012 to her most recent looks now.

The “Skin” singer is well known for her role as spunky Maya Hart in the Disney show Girl Meets World, the spinoff series from the classic ‘90s TV show Boy Meets World. She also starred in the Disney Channel movie Adventures in Babysitting alongside Sophia Carson.

“There is such a sweet memory of going through puberty with these people,” the Disney alum shared when discussing Girl Meets World‘s final season during a 2017 appearance on The Zach Sang Show. “They’ve seen your best and worst days and you’ve learned so much from these people. I was there five days a week, from morning until night and you really get to know those people as family.”

Since her Disney days, the blonde actress has been very busy with her music career, along with acting in a few Netflix movies such as Work It, Tall Girl and Tall Girl 2. She also starred in the film The Hate U Give

In the movie Work It, the Disney alum was able to show off some of her dance moves, which she’s been working on since she was a kid growing up in her hometown. “I loved the character of Quinn and I wanted to do a dance movie for a really long time, because I grew up in Pennsylvania dancing five or six days a week. That was a big part of my life when was younger,” the actress shared with Elle.

The blonde beauty is most passionate when she speaks about her music career and performing, though. She has released four albums since 2016 and continues to release singles for her fans. “Performing for people is something I’ve always wanted to do. I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” Sabrina Carpenter said in a GQ interview.

“I’m trying to get back on the road as soon as possible as that’s what I love,” continued the actress. “I was always performing as a child, anytime there was a stage or an elevated hill that I could pretend was a stage, I was straight to it… I think there’s just an energy that you can’t really get anywhere else after doing a show. I still get my nerves here and there.”

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