Everyone knows about Sabrina Carpenter, but ever wonder what her family is like? Turns out, the Disney Channel darling comes from a family of four daughters – and she just so happens to be the youngest. So what are all of her big sisters up to? Get to know them with us!

Sarah Carpenter

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Hold my hoops

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When people think "Sabrina's sister," 21-year-old Sarah is typically the first one to come to mind. Not because she's not super close with the others or anything – just because she's in Sabrina's band. Yep, that's right. You can catch her singing back-up behind Sabrina at all of her shows. They're a true team, those Carpenters. Oh, and did we mention they could totally pass as twins? They legit look identical to one another, except Sarah has darker hair so there's the big difference between them. And who could forget how Sarah was actually in Girl Meets World with Sabrina? Yep, you can spot her sitting in class in a whole bunch of episodes.

When she's not killing it on stage with her lil sis Sab, you can catch Sarah hanging out with her famous boyfriend Peyton Clark. You know him best from playing I Didn't Do It, so he too is a part of the Disney Channel fam. They're seriously the cutest, and they have tons of adorable pics together to prove it.

Shannon Carpenter

Sabrina's 23-year-old sister Shannon has a big social media presence and is an amazing dancer. According to her Linked In account, she is a stylist for Rent The Runway.

While working towards her Bachelor of Science degree in marketing at Philadelphia University, Shannon was a member of the Ramettes Dance Team and Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. She then continued her education at Community College of Philadelphia and College of the Canyons, studying business, commerce, communications and media studies. So yeah. She's truly killing it.

Cayla Carpenter

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Potato Head 🥔💥

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Cayla is perhaps the lesser known Carpenter sister, as she is Sabrina, Sarah and Shannon's half-sister but she's super close to her siblings. She is a freelance hair stylist and makeup artist and is responsible for many of Sabrina and Sarah's glam looks over the years. The 26 year old is the oldest of the sisters, and they all share a father, David Carpenter.

Now, let's take a moment to appreciate this adorable throwback of the Carpenter gals

What cuties!

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