The fan-favorite series Sam & Cat premiered on June 8, 2013, and it’s shocking how fast time as flown by. It feels like just yesterday viewers were watching Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande on their TV screens, and there’s not a day that goes by that fans don’t miss it!

The spin off series brought together Sam Puckett (played by Jennette) from iCarly, and Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine (played by Ariana) from Victorious for a hilarious Nickelodeon series. After the girls randomly met, they became best friends, moved in together and started their own babysitting business. Of course, along the way, they meet some pretty unique characters and some crazy adventures ensue. After one season, the show came to an end on July 17, 2014.

“When I was younger, people loved Cat so much I used to pretend to be more like her. It took me a long time to be brave enough to separate myself and show people how different we actually are,” Ariana wrote when the show came to an end in 2014, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I think that’s honestly because I admire her so much. Her appreciation for life and everybody she encounters. Her passion and genuine excitement for the little things that most people dread like school projects and work. She always saw negative obstacles as opportunities to make things good.”


“I will always hold Cat near and dear to my heart and appreciate her help in my personal growth from teenager to adult. I know she seems like a simple, daft character (and she is) but she played such a huge part in my life,” the songstress added. “One of my favorite things about Cat was that she never lost her sense of wonder. As we grow up we become more and more jaded and fearful of how we come across. … To me she is actually a lot smarter, stronger and braver than all the rest of us.”

Fans may not know this but, over the years, there were actually a ton of celebrity guest stars throughout the four seasons that the show aired. Yep, stars like Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Emily Skinner, Liz Gillies, Noah Munck, Matt Bennett, Kel Mitchell and more made appearances on the show long before they were famous! Wow, who knew?

They’re not the only ones! Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the stars you totally forgot guest starred in Sam & Cat.

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