It’s official, Sandra Oh is a total legend! The actress — who you might know as Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy — appeared as Mia’s Thermopolis’ vice principal in The Princess Diaries back in the day, and fans were living when she recently recreated her iconic scene from the film during a talk show appearance.

While talking with host Graham Norton on The Graham Norton Show, the 48-year-old actress remembered working alongside Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway, but also dished on how her role in the fan-favorite film has more or less become a cultural phenomenon.

“I haven’t seen [the movie] since, but I remember [the line],” she said, before pretending to hold a phone.

“The queen is coming,” she said, and naturally, The Princess Diaries fans went wild!

Sandra Oh Serves Up Some Nostalgia And Recreates Iconic ‘Princess Diaries’ Scene

Hopefully, Sandra can reprise her role as Vice Principal Gupta if The Princess Diaries 3 ever gets made. For those who missed it, back in April 2020, the actress who played Queen of Genovia herself finally set the record straight on whether or not the rumored sequel was in the works.

“It’s long been talked about but nothing has sort of been on my desk or anything like that,” the 84-year-old legend admitted during a recent appearance on The Talk @ Home. “I think I would [do it]. I’m getting awfully old and crotchety. I’m not sure if it’s the right timing, but I think to work with Annie would be lovely again. And yeah, sure I would be up for it. I think we should wait if the script comes in, just wait for that.”

As fans know, Julie’s comments came over a year after Anne Hathaway appeared on What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, where the talk show host asked her if the rumors about a third movie were true.

“There is a script for the third movie. There is a script. I want to do it. Julie [Andrews] wants to do it. Debra Martin Chase, our producer, wants to do it. We all really want it to happen,” the actress said at the time. “It’s just we don’t want to unless it’s perfect because we love it just as much as you guys love it. It’s as important to us as it is to you, and we don’t want to deliver anything until it’s ready, but we’re working on it.”

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