Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is head over heels for someone no one ever thought she would end up with. Her boyfriend's name is Wells Adams and, if you're not part of #BachelorNation or haven't kept up with the Bachelor/Bachorelette franchise over the past couple of years, then you probably have no idea who he is. But, for some, he's a pretty well-known face. Oddly enough, even though Wells is part of the Bachelor family, he didn't end up getting or giving a rose to anyone in that world. Sarah was the one who stole his heart. She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and chatted about how the pair first met. Of course, it was all because of the power of social media. I mean, it's 2018. What do you expect?

She said of how the whole thing went down, "The Internet…Have you seen those memes of like slide into the DMs? That. He slid into my DMs. I was following him, we had like tweeted each other because I thought he was funny and he was a fan of the show [Modern Family]. So I just thought, I saw him as the bartender and I was like, 'That's really cute.' And I was single obviously and I was like this is really awesome and I was like, 'You're being very forward and it's sexy but like not aggressive, but it's very confident and sexy,' and I liked that."

So what did he say that was so forward with Sarah? She explained that his pick up line was something like, "Next time I'm in LA, I'm taking you out for drinks and tacos and that's like, I love tacos…He loves tacos so that was like his thing like, 'I love tacos, let's see if she likes tacos.' We both like tacos!"

And the rest went down in guacamole history. Just kidding. But, really, this is so cute and we're glad Sarah has found someone that makes her incredibly happy. It may have been in the most unconventional way, but sometimes the best relationships form like that.

If you thought Sarah was an open book about her romance with Wells, he seems like the exact same way. The Bachelor heartthrob documents mostly everything the couple does on his Instagram account and Sarah wasn't joking, they both really effing love tacos. Legitimately, most of his captions with Sarah are about some kind of taco whether it be going to Taco Bell, wanting "mo" tacos or just eating in general. These two are #COUPLEGOALS. In his most recent Insta post with the actress he wrote, "We went to Taco Bell after this. @sarahhyland."

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We went to Taco Bell after this. @sarahhyland

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