Kylie Jenner received her high school diploma and with it many graduation gifts. But one present in particular is getting a lot of attention- because of what it may have cost and who it might have come from! Rapper Tyga may have given Kylie Jenner a very expensive gift for her recent accomplishment.

Oceanup reports that the rap artist was spotted leaving Polacheck's Jewelry Store after making a purchase just hours before Kylie's graduation Party.

Kylie made a few posts on her Snapchat account showing a few of her graduation gifts.
One present was identified as a gold and diamond Rolex Day Date President watch. The watch could be worth almost $40,000!

Some suspect the gift came from Tyga because, Polacheck's- the store he was seen leaving hours before attending Kylie's party -is one of the largest retailers of Rolex watches in that area!

Do you think Tyga would have spent that much to just to impress Kylie? Let us know in the comments!

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