Scott Disick and Bella Thorne are throwing around the word 'love' now and we kind of, definitely hate it.

The pair has had a whirlwind romance over the past couple of weeks and things seem like they are definitely getting more and more serious by the day. Scott and Bella were first caught talking to each other at a nightclub in Los Angeles and things slowly progressed to a dinner date. But, when Scott wants something, he won't stop until he gets it.

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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star flew Bella and her sister Dani Thorne to Cannes with him for a romantic trip. But drama followed and Bella left the country quickly after arriving. Everyone thought they were dunzo until just recently when they were seen together again and leaving a party in the same car.

Now that Bella released her song, "Just Call", Scott is congratulating her in the only way he knows how – with flowers and a love note! Bella posted the whole thing on her Snapchat but she was super sneaky to hide Scott's name. Well, actually, she wasn't sneaky at all. The top half of someone's name can be seen but it's clearly his.

The note said, "Congrats on the new song. Love, (name)"


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scott 2

White flowers? That's SO Kardashian of him.

LOL…all jokes aside, The flowers and note totally swooned her. If we don't see photos of these two hanging out this weekend, we will actually be shocked. it's clear that these two have a thing for each other. Or at least have a real friendship. On the other hand, he might just want to stay on Bella's good side so he can keep this hook up lasting for as long as it can. There were rumors floating around that these two had an agreement that Scott was able to see different people without Bella getting upset.

But, that never ends well.

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