Nobody’s getting into the Christmas spirit quite like Scotty Sire! Following the release of his latest single “25 Christmas Trees,” the Vlog Squad member caught up with J-14 and dished on the meaning behind his festive tune.

“I drew inspiration for the storyline from a childhood holiday memory that always stands out to me. When I was a kid, my dad drove over two hours to Big Bear, California, to grab some snow and bring it back to my family’s house. We always wanted a white Christmas, but living in Southern California that obviously wasn’t the norm. He made it happen for us and it was awesome!” he explained. “This was a really fun song and video for me to work on … I hope when people listen to the song or watch the video, they smile a little bit.”

Following in his dad’s footsteps, Scotty created a “winter wonderland” in his backyard by buying 25 Christmas trees “to celebrate the holiday season” with his close friends. After filming the music video, the musician explained that he put all the trees in his front yard and gave them away to all of his neighbors. “The 25 trees went to 25 good homes!” he told J-14.

When it comes to his favorite lyric from “25 Christmas Trees,” Scotty loves “using references in songs,” so he’s a huge fan of the line: “I used to be such a Grinch until I found my Cindy Lou, my heart grew three sizes thanks to you.”

As Vlog Squad fans know, this isn’t the internet star’s first Christmas song. In 2017, he debuted the track Lonely Christmas” and has “definitely evolved” a lot since then. 

“With both of my Christmas songs, I tried to put a unique twist on them … My first Christmas song was almost a meme, I thought the idea of waiting until after Christmas to break up with someone was funny. ’25 Christmas Trees’ was me diving into a pop punk record and had a very different meaning — finding joy in the holidays because you’ve found joy in life!”

Despite 2020 being a weird year amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Scotty has found a way to bring “positive energy” into the holiday season. “I’ve tried my best to kick myself out of episodes of sadness and lack of motivation and my best advice is to continue working on yourself as if things were normal,” he said, adding that he’ll be “enjoying the holidays” with girlfriend Jac Anderson and “hoping” to see family “from a distance.”

As for what 2021 has in store for the singer and YouTube star? Scotty said there’s a lot of “exciting plans” in the works!

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