Our hearts are going out to the Dolan Twins. Ethan and Grayson are opening up about their father Sean Dolan‘s battle with cancer once again, and the fan support they’re receiving is truly inspiring.

“F**k cancer,” Grayson wrote in a series of tweets, which Ethan retweeted. “My heart and love goes out to anyone who is or has been effected by cancer or any illness of that matter, mental or physical. Sending love and positive energy I hope you can feel it, really.”

The boys have shared how their family has been affected by cancer in the past. In a 2016 YouTube video the twins posted, titled “You’re Not Alone,” Ethan and Grayson got honest with their fans, speaking candidly about the pain, stress, and anxiety they experience off camera. While their videos have a theme of being goofy and positive, the boys thought it was time to be their authentic selves by telling fans the sad news about their dad.

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“Recently, our dad was diagnosed with cancer. And you know, news was just thrown in our face, and we really didn’t know how to act at first. I never thought that someone close to me would, you know, get cancer – or have something as serious as this happen to them. But it did,” Grayson said. “I just try to appreciate every moment that I’m with my dad and being with my family and being with my friends. It also made my really appreciate my health and realize how important it is to not take things like that for granted.”

“Just take a deep breath. Go through that big stack of paper of terrible news and find the positives in it,” Ethan said about how he chooses to deal with the obstacles he’s had in life. “Positives are everywhere. You might just have to look a little bit harder for them.”

We’re wishing the Dolan family health and happiness, always.

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