You guys have to see the adorable comments that Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain constantly leave for each other on Instagram. Fans have been convinced that the two YouTubers are secretly in a relationship for a while, and their Instagram interactions just add fuel to the fire.

The web stars, who are both part of the “Sister Squad” (alongside James Charles and Ethan’s bro Grayson Dolan) are pretty much always hanging out, making videos together, and gushing over each other in interviews. And although we’re not sure what’s really going on between them, the 19-year-old dropped a major clue that they were more than friends when he took to Twitter to comment on Emma’s lip texture last month. “Her lips deffffinitely aren’t crusty,” the YouTuber replied to a Twitter troll who was hating on the 17-year-old.

ethan dolan tweet kissing emma chamberlain

We mean, how would he know that if he hadn’t kissed her before, right? There’s definitely a ton of clues out there that suggest there’s something going on between them. But whether they’re a couple, or just total friendship goals, let’s take a look at the adorable comments they’ve left on each other’s Instagram posts.

Scroll through our gallery to see Ethan and Emma’s cutest Instagram interactions.

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