After facing rumors that she's difficult to work with, Ariana Grande is proving that she's a total sweetheart when it comes to her fans! The singer recently posted a screen shot of a direct message she sent to fan named Maya, offering her advice and support.

The Arianator asked for help about feeling confident in her own skin, and Ariana responded with a long and heartfelt message about working hard on loving yourself.

She wrote in the caption, "Life is a gift and there is no need to waste it hating on the things we can't control."


Obviously, we think it's totally sweet that Ariana took the time to write such a personal message to a fan who's having a rough time. The singer has struggled with only wanting to be photographed from one side of her face, so she can probably relate to her fans' struggles with self-acceptance.

What do you think about Ariana's message? Do you think she has good advice? Let us know in the comments!

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