Selena Gomez and her mother Mandy Teefy have been busy promoting their new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, but they took a moment to spend time as a family this weekend and it was adorable. The mom and daughter duo, along with her stepdad Brian Teefey, took Selena's baby sister Gracie to Disneyland in Anaheim, California and fans spotted the singer having the time of her life!

The fans were able to take photos and videos of the family walking through the park and you can see how much her little sister, who is now three years old, has grown! In the video, Gracie is in a stroller and she looks directly at fans. The toddler even says a few words that sound like, "Look, mommy. Can I see…"

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Another fan Snapchatted Selena and her baby sis enjoying the famous teacup ride while they were taking a sweet selfie together.

Other fans spotted the singer while they were at the park and documented the moment via Twitter. A fan named Maurice said: "GUYS I JUST SAW SELENA GOMEZ RN AT DISNEY SHES BEAUTIFUL AF."

Maurice said he even got to tell her a few words and tweeted about it saying, "UPDATE I TOLD HER SHES AWESOME SHE SAID THANK YOU I DIDNT GET A PIC CUS SECURITY IS UP HER […]"

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And as a shock to literally no one he said Sel looks even more flawless in person. "SHE WAS MORE BEAUTIFUL UP CLOSE," the fan wrote.

Another fan tweeted about the moment saying he was actually hoping to see Food Network star Guy Fieri, but was surprised with the "Good For You" singer instead. "At Disneyland, just saw Selena Gomez. I was hoping to see guy Fieri but that's good too lol."

We love seeing that Selena is taking the time to spend some quality moments and make memories with her family and that she is staying close to them even when her schedule is busy. Here is to hoping she shares that selfie of her with Gracie on social media.

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