It's probably safe to say that Selena Gomez and Sofia Richie aren't the greatest of friends. Not only is Sofia dating Justin Bieber, who some believe is the boy Selena never got over, but she also publicly bashed the Biebs when he started posting photos of him and Sofia.

Well, after a little bit of hardcore investigative research, we've uncovered two things. One could be that Selena and Sofia coincidentally have the same taste in fashion. OR Justin sneakily gives his clothes to his girlfriends to wear. But, it's not just any piece of clothing…it's the same plaid shirt that keeps showing up year after year.

We're going to go with the latter and here's the evidence.

During his Purpose Tour, Justin can be seen rocking this yellow plaid shirt. He's had it for years.

justin 1

Now, Selena was actually caught on social media awhile back wearing the same shirt that is tied around JB's waist in the photo above. It was after they had broken up initially, and fans thought this meant they were talking again.

justin 2

Of course, that could have been a coincidence, but there's a new photo that has sealed the deal showing just how much Justin loves seeing his girls in yellow plaid. Sofia was spotted wearing what looks to be THE. EXACT. SAME. SHIRT.

justin 3

Is you mind blown? Because we are. Now, all we need is a picture of Hailey Baldwin in yellow plaid and this theory can officially become fact!


Do you think Justin gives his girlfriends this one particular shirt of his? Let us know in the comments below!

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