Once upon a time, Selena Gomez wasn’t too thrilled about having everyone know everything about her personal life. Yet, things seemed to have changed. Ever since the “Bad Liar” singer ditched her phone and the Hollywood chaos for a tranquil stay at a rehab facility last year, she has come back into the spotlight more honest and open than ever. She has no problem talking about her own struggles, her relationship with The Weeknd and her future career. Of course, being the kind of celebrity that she is, there are still some things the public doesn’t know about her. However, slowly but surely, we’re getting more and more information about what really goes on in Selena’s life behind closed doors.

It’s public knowledge that Sel stayed at the rehab facility for 90 days to treat some Lupus symptoms, depression and a few other mental health issues she had been struggling with. However, something Selenators didn’t know was that she was actually put on bed rest. There’s no word on when this bed rest took place whether it was before rehab or afterward though. She also didn’t give fans a timeframe on how long she was kept in bed for.

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But,just knowing this piece of info is helping fans gain a new perspective on her life. The songstress moderated at a movie Q&A for the film Heaven Knows What. It came out back in 2015, but Selena has recently found a love in it. She decided to sit alongside the director and the producer and chat about how she could really relate to the storyline.

Selena said, “A lot of you probably don’t know why I’m here. I actually don’t know why I’m here either, but these guys are really cool. A little while ago I was actually on bed rest, and it’s probably the worst time to watch Heaven Knows What or the best time, depending on your mental state. I ended up becoming extremely fascinated with the boys and kind of forced them to become my friend a little bit.”

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So, what is bed rest? It’s a form of treatment for someone who is sick when a person is ordered to stay in bed by a doctor or a medical professional. Sometimes, this lasts only a few days and other times it can last up to several weeks. It’s possible that Selena was put on bed rest while in the rehab facility. Since then, she has been out and about so there’s less of a chance that she would have been confined to her bed since then. But, again, none of this is confirmed. The only thing we really know is that Selena definitely used this kind of treatment.

She continued, “For me, personally, I really liked the mental aspect of it, because I’ve done a lot of those exercises that you put in. So, the beginning of the movie stuck with me because I actually… I’m very open, it’s not really a secret, but I, for sure, have talked about that, and I’ve done a lot of those exercises.”

It’s pretty amazing how Selena is talking about all this. She is trying to get rid of the stigma that mental health is something we should keep quiet about. But, really, it’s something we should be talking openly about because a lot of people do struggle with it. She’s letting her fans and anyone else that wants to listen know that even though she’s surrounded by fame, wealth, and success, that doesn’t mean she can’t be affected mentally. And she’s not afraid to get help when she needs it. We give her serious props for coming forward with such a candid and intimate part of her journey.

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