Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have a seriously hot relationship right now. But, that doesn’t erase her past or the memories she had surrounding the time she first fell in love. (Ahem, hello, Justin Bieber.) The “Bad Liar” singer has been popping up all over New York City lately for Fashion Week and because she just started filming a new, yet to be titled Woody Allen movie. She’s been opening up about everything from being on Disney Channel to feeling incredibly violated during her younger days. But, of course, the one thing we couldn’t stop thinking about is when she talks about her first love.

Okay, so she didn’t spill too much and didn’t name any names but it’s obviously the Biebs that Selena is referring to. The songstress talks about the moment she kind of realized she was growing out of Disney and her Wizards of Waverly Place character. Selena said all of the attention she was starting to get shifted to her personal life and what was going on outside of her talent.

“I didn’t feel like it was about my art as much. I was on the fourth season of the show, and I felt like I was outgrowing it. I wanted something different and obviously, I fell in love for the first time. There was all this stuff that was happening and I didn’t know what to do,”
she explained,

Aww! To be honest, it’s been years since Selena mentioned her love for Justin and the fact that she acknowledged that she was IN love is totally huge. You don’t just drop something like that unless it had a huge impact on you. Clearly, falling for Justin is something she’ll never forget and something that changed her. It also seems like it was a turning point – a new chapter that began her adult life.

However, as we all know, Selena went through some things in the past year that she had to deal with on her own time. She checked into a facility to help with her mental health yet she’s now explaining that it took some time for her to understand that she did need this help.

Sel admitted, “When I took time to learn about my feelings and my frustrations, and where things stemmed from, there was this huge fog lifted from my life because then I understood it…People are struggling with something every day and they think, ‘Oh it’s just high school, or I’m not great enough, or it’s because I’m so great.’ It’s all about learning. I hope we are the generation that gets to bring that up a little bit more, but I do believe it’s always been there.”

Selena’s head is clear, she’s over her first love and she’s literally slaying everything she does. But, those memories of Justin and what they had together definitely weighed on her a lot. Hey, who knows, maybe if she never dated Bieber, she wouldn’t be where she is today. So, on that note, we kind of have to give credit to the man himself – Justin Bieber.

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