Selena Gomez posted a rare photo on Instagram sitting in front of her childhood home in Grand Prairie Texas over the weekend, but that’s not why she’s making social media headlines today. The “Wolves” singer literally unfollowed almost every single person she used to keep up with on the social media platform and we’re really effing confused as to why she did it. Not only did she purge over 300 people, but she also changed her Instagram profile picture to her mom, Mandy Teefey. If you’ve continued to stay on top of Selena’s life, then you’d very well know that there have been rumors that she and Mandy had a falling out over her rekindled relationship with Justin Bieber.

selena mom

Reports surfaced that Mandy was actually hospitalized after she found out how serious Selena and Justin were getting – even going to couples therapy to work on their issues. Sources connected to the pair went back and forth and ultimately said that Mandy was going through a lot of other things that landed her in the hospital, meaning that the Biebs wasn’t the only cause. However, Selena and Mandy did unfollow each other on Instagram during this time. So, the fact that she changed her profile picture to Mandy after purging 300 others is a red flag.

Could this mean they are back on good terms? Could this be Selena furthering the fight by posting a bizarre photo of Mandy for her 132 million followers to see? Both are possible. Aside from the profile photo change, we decided to take a look at who Selena still DOES follow on Instagram — to be clear, her mom is still not one of them. And don’t get too excited because Justin is not one of them. To be honest, it’s a lot of ‘Selena Gomez’ fan accounts, which is super adorable. In terms of big-time celebs, Selena still followers Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, Francia Raisa, Amy Schumer, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter and stylist Kate Young. Of course, she’s still following Puma, Coach, and Pantene – brands she has been a loyal spokesperson for.

The former Disney Channel star has yet to give a reason as to why she did this and it’s safe to say she probably won’t address it at all. 2018 is obviously off to a brand new start for her. She rang in the New Year with Justin and flew into an undisclosed located with him, according to a fan on Twitter. They were even seen leaving a hot yoga class together. It’s all about new beginnings for the songstress, and it seems like purging her Instagram followers felt like the right thing to do. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if she makes any other major changes to her account. Until then, we’ll just sit here thinking about Mandy’s wide-eyed duck face in Sel’s new profile picture.

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