Selena Gomez took everyone by surprise when she was spotted getting all cozy and kissing rumored new love The Weeknd, but now she's cuddling up to another singer. This time, Sel was hanging out with country cutie Chris Lane, and he shared a pic of the pair from their hangout session on Instagram.

"@selenagomez ?," he wrote in the caption of the black and white photo.

selena gomez chris lane

They genuinely look happy posing next to each other, but before you think love could be in the air for these two, let us give you the facts. Back in May of 2016, the "Good For You" songstress was asked to name her favorite song of the moment during a radio interview, and she said one of Chris' tunes.

"'Fix,' it’s a country song funny enough, it’s called 'Fix' by Chris Lane. Every now and then the Texan creeps back into my life and comes out in me," she said.

So Sel has been a fan of Chris' for quite some time and when he found out she loved his song, he was naturally super excited since he's a fan of her music too.

"I saw a whole bunch of people retweeting that. That was so cool, I’m a huge fan of hers. That was an awesome shout out, I’ll take it!" Chris said, also saying he would gladly be down to do a remix of "Fix" with her.

Their meet up was a long time coming and obviously meant a lot to Chris, which is why he had to share their cute picture they snapped together. So who exactly is Chris Lane you might asking? Well, he's rising star in the country music scene, and he just appeared on an episode of the popular dating show, The Bachelor earlier this week, where he performed another one of his songs, "For Her."

And since that appearance, the song has reached the top of iTunes' country charts!

Having your song reach number one and meeting Selena all in the same week? Things are going pretty well for Chris right now. Who knows, maybe him and Sel might collab one day after all. She obviously love her some country music every now and then! We don't exactly know where their picture together was taken either, so they could've met in a recording studio for example, since she is currently working on new music. We'll just have to wait and see if a duet does end up happening one day.

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