OMG: Here's Why Selena Gomez's Song "Bad Liar" May Be Another Ode to Justin Bieber

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Selena Gomez is ready to release new music. She's been teasing it for over a week now. Oh yeah, and it could be an ode to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Selena has been making headlines lately after her personal life broke into the public eye. Her relationship with The Weeknd is super adorable and their red carpet debut as a couple at the 2017 MET Gala literally melted the hearts of shippers everywhere. Now, it's all about her music and to be honest, we think she'd rather have it that way anyways!

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The "Good For You" singer first teased her new single, "Bad Liar" on Instagram. Of course, being the sneaky artist that she is, no one actually knew the photo was for her upcoming single until days later. Selena posted this photo on social media without a caption.

Over the course of the next couple of days, Selena posted the same photo just with "Bad Liar" written in different colors. Finally, she shared a series of photos with the caption, "#BadLiar 5.18." This confirmed that she had new music on the way and it would officially hit the airwaves on May 18th.

Even though the 18th is still a couple of days away, lyrics to the song have allegedly been leaked and everyone thinks they are about her ex-flame Justin. The pair dated on and off for five years. Now that the relationship is definitely dunzo forever, Sel might be using that time in her life as inspiration for her music.

This is a few lyrics that have reportedly leaked.

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"I put my bags and I'm leaving you, You've been nothing but, a bad liar, Bad liar, you've been nothing but, a bad liar, You've been nothing but, a bad liar, You've been nothing but, a bad liar, It's such a shame, you're a bad liar, Oh honey you're, a bad liar."

While we won't know if these are the lyrics, for sure, until the 18th, fans have already drawn their conclusions. Let's think about this for a second. This could very well be about the Biebs. He did supposedly cheat on her and probably wasn't as honest as he could have been while they were dating. But, Selena is a smart girl. These lyrics point to the idea that she knew he wasn't being faithful, she knew he wasn't being honest and she knew he was lying to her the entire time.

Not only that, but Selena was the one who ended things with the "Sorry" singer for good. She left him which she also references in these particular lyrics as well. Not to mention, she says that she packed her bags. Well, Justin has said in the past that he lived with Selena at one point. So, once the break up happened she would have had to pack her bags to escape him.

The full, confirmed lyrics may have yet to be released but Selena is teasing us once again. She posted a series of photos yesterday with the same red handwriting as the words "Bad Liar" in previous posts. This time, there's more words – most likely the real lyrics.

She captioned all three photos, "#BadLiar 5.18."

Selena also shared a photo that may or may not be from her "Bad Liar" music video. The pic features Sel looked super seductive and it's pretty incredible. Again, she has only used the caption, "#BadLiar 5.18." Obviously, teasing fans over and over again. One thing is for sure, girl knows how to build up some anticipation!

She also shared a video which doesn't give much away either. A fuzzy television screen with the beat of a drum in the background...riveting. GIVE US MORE, SEL!

Despite all of that, she clearly wants to distract herself from someone when analyzing the lyrics. While this is all speculation, we wouldn't be totally surprised if it was about JB. This wouldn't be the first time he's been on Selena's mind during the songwriting process! And even IF the song is about her ex-boyfriend, the lyrics she released clearly show she wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Later, Biebs.

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