Last week Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were brought together in the same headline once again, but this time, it wasn’t for a speculated rekindled romance. It was because Selena’s Instagram was hacked. The alleged hacker posted inappropriate naked photos of the Biebs on Selena’s account. Of course, they were removed and Instagram shut down the “Bad Liar” singer’s account temporarily so everything could be settled. However, this, unfortunately, happens to a lot of celebrities – the hacking and the leakage of personal photos.

New reports are indicating that Selena is preparing herself in the case that her own private photos are leaked online. What a scary freaking feeling. According to The Sun, a source said, “Many of the biggest celebrities in the world will be very concerned about this. Many use Instagram for chatting privately and swapping pics with friends. A lot will be hastily deleting things to stop anything embarrassing getting out in the hope that it’s not too late.”

Yikes. Because Selena’s account was already targeted and riddled with images of JB, it’s possible that she fears her own photos could be next. The Daily Mail said that Sel is actually bracing herself for the breach.

While it’s probable she is taking all cautionary measures to have this not happen to her, sometimes it’s inevitable. It’s important to remember that once a photograph or a message is sent through a text message or even an email chain it can still be retrieved after it has already been deleted. I mean, don’t even try to ask me how it’s done, but it is possible which is the freaky part.

Instagram has actually contacted high profile celebrities to warn them. It’s being reported that the hackers have gotten into their system and accessed celebrity phone numbers and email addresses. Our fingers are crossed that Selena — or anyone else for that matter — doesn’t become a victim of this. Just because they are celebrities and share a portion of their lives with the world doesn’t mean their private photos should be posted for everyone to see. Selena, girl, you got this.

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