#1: The Weeknd Officially Takes the Crown For Being Selena Gomez's Best Boyfriend Ever

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Selena Gomez let the world in on one of the most intimate and personal issues she's ever had to deal with yesterday. The "Bad Liar" singer revealed in a vulnerable Instagram post that she had undergone surgery over the summer for a failing kidney. Her best friend, Francia Raisa, was the donor and the story is incredibly special and beautiful. Hours after Selena shared some of her journey with fans, people started to put things together. Was The Weeknd by her side during all of this? Hasn't he been on tour this summer?

Well, it seems like her beloved Abel actually scheduled his Starboy tour dates around her surgery and recovery dates, which literally makes him the best boyfriend ever. So, let's take a look at the facts. The Weeknd's tour took a break from July 22nd to August 6th and then again until September 6th. There was about a month and a half where he wasn't working and free to be by Selena's side.

Since we don't know when the surgery actually took place, there's more evidence to prove that it could have been at the end of August and The Weeknd dropped everything to be there. Up until the very last second, he was supposed to perform at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. He was even featured in the promo commercials. Then, he backed out with no reason at all. That was on August 26th. The very next day on August 27th, he didn't show up to his performance at The Forum in Inglewood, California.

A source told People magazine, "Abel has been one of her biggest supports. She had been traveling with him on his tour and he was off during her surgery and right after during her recovery. He’s been very caring and it’s meant a lot to her to have him by her side."

Obviously, this has just come from sources BUT the reason he didn't show up to either performance could be because he was by his girl's side. It sounds like he wanted to be next to her, supporting her and making sure she was okay. Their relationship is everything and just goes to show that even in Hollywood, couples who have so much going on and so busy can still make things work if they really want.

An insider also told People magazine, "It was a super serious operation and all her friends were worried." We're so glad that Sel is okay and recovered with ease. Fans will have to wait for more details and we have a feeling the songstress is going to share more and more of what she went through when the time is right. But, if it all adds up, The Weeknd is everything. He seriously is the best boyfriend she has ever publicly had and treats her like the queen she is. He officially gets the boyfriend of the year, #1 boyfriend and/or best boyfriend ever award!


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