Thanks to Selena Gomez‘s HBO Max series Selena + Chef fans got a glimpse at the former Disney Channel star’s kitchen. Now that Season 1 has officially come to an end, the 27-year-old took her millions of followers on an actual tour of the room where all the cooking went down! But that’s not all! Yep, along with an in-depth look at her culinary space, HBO Max announced that Selena + Chef would officially be returning to the streaming service for a second season.

“Get ready to turn up the heat because Selena + Chef is coming back for a second season,” HBO Max wrote on twitter alongside Selena’s kitchen tour.

The entire tour started out with a look at all the Wizards of Waverly Place alum’s pasta, which is a total mood.

“This is the pasta area, which I was so excited to have because I am obsessed with pasta, and we did the little pink shelves in it,” she said before showing off her cookbooks, which “became a huge staple.”

Viewers will know that Selena’s knives became an extremely important part of the show because of their rainbow hue, so of course, she showed them off once again. While taking fans around the room, Selena pointed out all the different “cute” knobs and door handles that she has for all the cabinets and drawers. When it came to her pantry, she was stacked with snacks!

“I’ll show you how a true Texan has a pantry,” she teased. “Basically my Nana loves to have her pantries ready for the apocalypse, and that’s always been a tradition, so we have everything from flour to baking supplies. We have chips, of course. Look, I eat healthy, but I also have snacks!”

As fans know, this isn’t the first glimpse we’ve gotten into Selena’s home recently. In July, the songstress took to Instagram and shared a sweet snapshot of her snuggled up in the corner of, what she reveled, was her new home. Honestly, we’re still waiting for our invite to come over!

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